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Adrian Sanders
Adrian Sanders

Offering public relations, government affairs, and lobbying services through experience, contacts, knowledge and effective working relationships


21 years in the private and voluntary sectors followed by 18 years public service as a Member of Parliament.

Understanding the system at local, national and international government levels.


A successful track record of management, persuasion and motivation through partnerships and political campaigning achieving organisational transformation and legislative changes; demonstrating integrity and professionalism at all times.

Key Competencies

Leadership/motivation skills
Communication abilities
Campaign and fundraising expertise
Inter-governmental and legislative relations
Strategic planning

Expert Areas

Health Issues
Animal Welfare
Culture, Media and Sport


Public, private and voluntary sector organisations
Past clients include a Global Pharmaceutical Company and an NHS England sub-contractor.
Currently assisting PDGN – Parliamentary Diabetes Diabetes Global Network, and STAR – Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers.
Keen to assist smaller organisations (especially, but not exclusively, in the not-for-profit sector) unable to afford a full-time Parliamentary or Campaigns Officer.


It’s not a crime to admire someone you disagree with.